Happy new year! With the new year here and new Enterprise Agreement just days away, we’re looking for new ASU Delegates to step up in their workplace. If you’ve ever been interested in becoming a delegate, please send your nomination to your Organiser, Austin, at afabry@asuvictas.com.au

Delegates receive formal training from the ASU and are a point of contact for union members in your workplace. They meet regularly as a group to resolve different workplace issues, and are integral for building a fair workplace culture. Your current delegates negotiated your most recent EBA, but without representation in your area, who is going to ensure those conditions are enforced?

Nominations are now open to become a delegate for the following areas:
Operations Centre North Building – 3 Delegates
Operations Centre South Building – 6 Delegates
Town Hall – 4 Delegates

Libraries – 4 Delegates
Community Centres and Phoenix Youth – 2 Delegates
Aquatic Centre – 2 Delegates

Nominations will close on Friday the 24th of January, if you have any further questions, contact your current workplace delegate or your Organiser, Austin Fabry.

Agreement Update
The Enterprise Agreement was lodged at the Fair Work Commission on the 27th of December and is awaiting approval. The new rates of pay should come into effect in your next pay run, with back pay due for the pay run afterwards. HR are currently establishing a timeline for staff consultative committee elections, and the issue of unbanded employees will be resolved and finalised in the next six months.

Occupational Health and Safety for Outdoor Workers
The conditions for those working outdoors right now are extremely hazardous, with heat waves, bushfire smoke and high winds. Nobody should be forced to work in an unsafe environment. Air quality in Footscray has been recorded as Very Poor on a number of occasions, and hazardous on one occasion. All members should monitor the EPA website and raise concerns with your local Health and Safety Representative. If you have respiratory issues, speak to your manager about reasonable adjustments to your work on days of high smoke.

With the new year you might start seeing some new staff coming on board. Make sure they’re informed of their rights, and encourage them to join the ASU today!

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Austin Fabry | 0436 481 684 | afabry@asuvictas.com.au

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