By now you should have received your ballot to take protected action from the AEC. You need to vote yes to all items and post the ballot back straight away to be sure that your vote will count. Your union delegates in every area will be following up all members to make sure you vote, and will be on hand to answer any questions you have.

Yesterday your the ASU negotiating team met with management for another round of bargaining, and while there are some improvements in our smaller bargaining claims, Council has still not provided a satisfactory wage offer and continues to go after your job security.

The good:
-Five days of bereavement leave with commitments to broaden the definition of family
-One day service recognition at five years, two days at ten years, and three days at fifteen years
-Minimum of $20 per day higher duties allowance

The bad:
-Payrises of 2.25% in the first year, then 2% in the second and third year
-Changes to the transfer of business clause that would see some employees lose redundancy payments if their area was contracted out
-A refusal to discuss any matter related to labour hire and agency staff
-No improvements for employees at the end of their band

With the new offer on the table we are seeking further direction from members on our next steps in negotiations. Paid time meetings will take place across the Council on Tuesday 1 October:

DATE: Tuesday 1 October
TIME: 7.00am
VENUE: Depot Lunchroom RSVP

DATE: Tuesday 1 October
TIME: 9.00am

DATE: Tuesday 1 October
TIME: 12.00pm
VENUE: Footscray Library RSVP

DATE: Tuesday 1 October
TIME: 2.00pm
VENUE: Operations Centre North Building RSVP

DATE: Tuesday 1 October
TIME: 2.00pm
VENUE: Aquatic Centre RSVP

Please click on the meeting you would like to attend to receive a calendar invite with the full details.

That management have started to concede on small EBA items shows they are under pressure. The strongest action you can take to get yourself the best possible deal is to vote for protected action and talk to your colleagues about the importance of ASU membership.

For more information please contact your local ASU delegate or:
ASU Organiser Austin Fabry | 0436 481 684 |

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