It’s time to negotiate our new Agreement.

This year we will be negotiating a new Agreement. It’s time to think about what needs to improve and what needs to be protected.

ASU Delegates and Organisers are meeting on Tuesday 8th February to discuss workplace issues. We are then meeting with management on Tuesday 15th February for Staff Consultative Committee. The committee meeting is not an EA negotiation meeting but it is a chance to work out what’s working and what needs to improve.  If you have an issue or a question to raise then please let your local delegate know or email your Industry Organiser on

The ASU will be sending all members a survey in March so you can have your say about what we claim in the negotiations. During this time we will schedule union meetings at work and online.  These will be your opportunity to have your say.

If you know workers who want to join then now is the best time to sign them up.  Here is the link

For more information please contact:
ASU Organiser Cindy O’Connor |

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