A further EBA meeting occurred on Wednesday 22 May. Unfortunately, the employer did not provide any further clarification of the outstanding ASU Log of Claim items, council’s response was that they were still “considering these”. Additionally, council did not advise of their wages offer.

ASU representatives asked how council has determined that they will not support several claims without carrying out a costing exercise. The response from council representatives was that they did not ‘take those log items seriously’. This level of disregard of genuine claims from the members is extremely concerning and provides an indication of the council’s approach.

The ASU expressed deep dissatisfaction with how the negotiations are progressing and put on the table the following;

Maribyrnong City Council must, prior to the next scheduled meeting (5 June 2019) provide:

  • Their wages offer
  • Council’s position on the outstanding ASU log of claims which they are still considering
  • Costing requests

If these requests are not met, we will need to consider out next steps including seeking the assistance from the Fair Work Commission.

For further information please contact your ASU delegates or
ASU Organiser Lorraine Di Pietrantonio | ldipietrantonio@asuvictas.com.au

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