This week we had our first bargaining meeting of the new year.

All ASU claims have now been presented to Manningham Council. We are close to reaching a position on a number of these, with council now to respond on several claims and proposed wording.

Some further communication is also needed with members covered by the Home Support Workers Appendix, which our organiser is in the process of following up.

We have made some improvements that strengthen the wording of clauses relating to your employment security and workload management. But Council will not commit to some of the firmer commitments we were seeking to restrict the use of contract and agency staff, i.e. forms of insecure employment. It will be important to go through these changes together and weigh up if they provide the assurance you were looking for with these claims.

There has been no movement on the previous pay offer of 1.5% for year one, 1.6% year two and 1.75% in year three at this point.

From here, we have a range of remaining claims that we are waiting on Council to provide further responses to, for example, Tea Breaks for indoor staff, Dead Animal Allowance, improvements to the disciplinary procedure clause.

The ASU bargaining team meets with Manningham again on Tuesday 9 February. After this, we will be doing a round of members meetings for your vital feedback and your instructions on where the offer stands as a package.

Want to get the best deal possible outcome in your new EA?
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For further information please contact: your ASU delegates or
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