It was great to see so many members from across different areas of council at members meetings last week. After a great turn out at these, we met with Manningham on Tuesday to put forward your response to their offer. The unanimous rejection of council’s offer was tabled and discussed with council, and supported by the ANMF and Professionals Australia.

The strong, consistent feedback was passed on to Manningham with the following counter position from members meetings:

  1. A pay increase that ties to rate capping with a minimum dollar amount. This works out to be:
  • 2% or $25 from 1 July 2020
  • 1.5% or $20 from 1 July 2021
  • 1.75% or $23 from July 2022
  1. Further strengthening of the Disciplinary clause, to make sure members are treated fairly – council to respond to this
  2. An increase to the phone allowance for Home Support workers – council to respond to this
  3. We also took back a position on the Transfer of Business clause and our claim for Tea breaks for Indoor staff, but did not reach agreement with Council on these.

Manningham Council will provide a response to the counter position next week. From there, we will be communicating with members about if this Enterprise Agreement meets your clear instructions and whether it is an agreement that members will vote up and we will support.

As we get closer to voting on this agreement it is as important as ever to remember we are always stronger together! If you have a workmate who wants to join the ASU, it’s quick and easy to join here:


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