Members have been consistent and reasonable throughout the EA process. They are willing to work with council through this tough time and also know their value. After rounds of member meetings, the ASU put a revised pay claim back to Council because members wanted to be fair:

  • 2% or $25 per week – July 2020
  • 1.5% or $20 per week – July 2021
  • 1.75% or $23 per week – July 2022

We know this year has been tough and this reasonable claim reflects that. Members also felt it was important there was a fair dollar amount, to make sure the lowest paid are looked after.

Council’s pay offer is:

  • 1.5% or $18 per week – July 2020
  • 1.6% or $19 per week – July 2021
  • 1.75% or $21 per week – July 2022

This does not meet ASU’s claim. And the dollar amount should be better for all workers below Band 4A, not Band 3B-3C.

ASU members aren’t asking for much, but this pay rise means lots after working through a difficult year on the pandemic frontlines – representing Council and keeping communities moving. There’s been lots of talk of how much this is valued, but talk is cheap. If Council really wants to demonstrate how much they value staff, a good starting point is to meet this very conservative request. It shouldn’t be a one-way street.

There is conflicting information about Manningham’s financial position, which had positive reports in a recent Council meeting Council also said the increase is tied to the rate cap if this was genuine, the first year should be 2%.

You said no to this pay offer at member meetings, and the most important place to say no again is when you vote!

Make sure you VOTE NO on the EA and speak to as many of your co-workers and let them know they should too.

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