Behind the Scenes of the New Christmas Closure Policy
Manningham recently flagged with the union and SCC members that they intended to introduce a new policy related to Christmas Closure. ASU delegates and an official met with the SCC and management to discuss this, and put forward concerns about parts of the original proposal.

Delegates’ main concern in the first version of the policy was where scheduled RDOs fell on the closure day Manningham stated that they would grant the day off to staff rostered to work (or provide a replacement day to those who provide essential services), however those with a scheduled RDO would need to take the RDO. Delegates felt strongly that this was unfair as members work extra time to accrue a day off, and that a Christmas Closure Day should be separate. Delegates represented this to the SCC, and Council agreed to consider their views.

We are pleased to report a win for members, with Manningham agreeing that they will honour the full spirit of their offer, and that staff with scheduled RDOs falling on Christmas Closure Day are able to take their RDO on another day within that same pay fortnight. For 2018 Closure day will be Monday 24 December. If your RDO falls on this day, make sure to plan ahead and take your RDO within the same pay fortnight! The relevant fortnightly pay period this year is Thursday 20 December 2018 to Wednesday 2 January 2019. ASU Home Care and PA Engineering representatives also sought clarity regarding the definition of “Essential Services”, which has been added to the policy.

Manningham released the policy on 9 November. We encourage ASU members to thank delegates Steve B, Denis V and Steve C for standing firm on behalf of members and gaining this clarity for workers – pays to be union!

Disciplinary Procedure Tips
ASU delegates and office are aware that members sometimes find themselves in situations where they may be held accountable for alleged performance or conduct concerns. Members are entitled to procedural fairness, natural justice and transparency in disciplinary processes.

Key principles that must be followed in line with the policy regarding disciplinary processes at MCC:

  • You should be given adequate notice of any meetings that form part of a disciplinary process
  • You are entitled to have a union representative in these meetings
  • You do not have to answer management’s questions on the spot
  • Your representative can both advocate for you and support you
  • You must be provided with adequate detail to be able to respond to the allegations
  • In the event that the procedure is not properly followed, or you do not agree with the outcome a grievance can be lodged

Please talk to your local delegate or the ASU Member Contact Centre in the event that you need advice or representation for any meetings management or HR wants to have with you. It is not worth the risk of going it alone!

Campaigns Organiser Update
Members may be aware that your ASU Campaign Organiser Prescilla Schwalger has recently gone on parental leave. Will Wyatt commenced with the ASU on 7 November and will be working with members and delegates at Manningham going forward as Campaign Organiser, please find flyer attached that updates members with Will’s details, or | 0418 320 625.

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