As you are aware there are a number of issues happening within council and we thought it was important to provide you with some updates

Delegate Update
On 23 May the ASU held formal Delegate election at the Depot as we had a number of members whom had been nominated to become the newest ASU Delegates. We are please to confirm that the below members have now been formally elected to the ever growing ASU Delegate team:

Matthew Lynch, Jason Kerr, Geoff Neville, Ben Morell, Peter Corless, Stephen Todd

If you are interested in nominating yourself or others to become an ASU Delegate please contact one of your ASU Organisers or ASU Delegates listed below as we can provide you some information about what is involved.

Steve Black, Matthew Lynch, Jason Kerr, Geoff Neville, Ben Morell, Peter Corless, Stephen Todd, Steven Chia, Edwina Smith, Vesna Trikilis, Denis Vrabcek, David Warnock, Alan Yan

Depot Update
As a way to keep good communication flowing and an opportunity to discuss any servicing issues/concerns/questions/ideas within the workplace that members or council may have, your ASU Servicing Organiser Emma Bagg and ASU Delegate Steve Black will be meeting with Michael Tregonning, Coordinator of Parks approximately every 8 weeks.

ASU Organiser Emma Bagg will schedule a depot delegate meeting to occur prior to these catch ups so Steve and I can be across any matters that can be addressed/discussed with Michael. All members will also be notified of upcoming meetings and provided with an update afterwards so you can be assured there will not be any secret squirrel business going on.

Worksite Relocation
The ASU has been formally notified of a major change occurring within Council as required by your Enterprise Agreement with regards to some Civic Centre staff being relocated to the Depot Office. If this change affects you and you have any concerns please make sure you contact the ASU so we can be involved in assisting you as it is easier and more effective if we are involved in the process from the beginning when it comes to major changes within the workplace.

Fitness for Work
There is a trend happening in other surrounding Councils in which they are asking their employees to undertake a fitness for work assessment either by asking employees to agree to sign medical release/consent forms which allows them to contact your doctor directly or requesting employees to attend an employer doctor.  This is mostly occurring when an employee is suffering from a personal non work related injury or has a rejected or ongoing WorkCover claim. If this happens to you or another member please make sure you do not sign or agree to anything and contact the ASU immediately for further assistance.

For further information please contact:
ASU Servicing Organiser Emma Bagg | 1300 855 570 |
ASU Campaigns Organiser Will Wyatt | 1300 855 570 |

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