ASU officials and delegates met with Manningham last week following the no vote in late April. Bargaining has picked up where last meeting left off.

The union re-asserted that our position remains the same, as it has since March. Our three priority items have not moved: fair pay, tea breaks for indoor staff and improved transfer of business).

Discussions reinforced all the elements of the ASU pay claim to council – fairness for lower paid workers for the dollar amount and all-round recognition across council of the tough work during lockdowns.

Manningham flagged that due to the length of time taken in negotiations they’d like the unions to consider an EA with an additional year, to expire 30 June 2024. This would not effect backpay, however they will provide a pay offer for an additional year at next meeting.

The ASU has also prepared a draft clause for indoor staff tea breaks, for Manningham to consider.

We took the opportunity to back members’ pay claim in the recent public consultation process on council’s budget, with a submission here. The union’s submission was also provided to the Mayor, councillors, CEO and HR. It shows that Manningham is in a financially sustainable position and could meet members’ claims, at a cost difference of only $781, 894 over a three EA.

The bargaining group will meet again on Tuesday 15 June and expect to receive a response to our position then. We will provide a member update after that.

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