Well done to all who participated in recent member meetings, completed surveys and talked to others to gather this clear position. The ASU has provided your feedback to Manningham – a strong majority of members who provided feedback reject the current offer.

The ASU bargaining group relayed this to Manningham on Tuesday 23 March. This position is supported by other unions involved in bargaining.

We await a response from Manningham. The position was provided to Manningham along with the sentiments expressed by members – that many members are disappointed, they understand that times are tough and are feeling this too. Members feel that they had put forward a very reasonable and conservative position to Manningham.

As we have put forward on numerous occasions during negotiations members across different parts of council have maintained providing quality service to the community and demonstrated their value and commitment to council.

More info on the ASU & Manningham’s positions here


For those keen on all the details – full email exchange here: https://bit.ly/39iFyF9

For the best chance of your claim succeeding:

  • keep having conversations with others about what’s happening,
  • ask them to join the union if they haven’t already and to…
  • vote no if the offer does not meet your expectations!
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