The ASU has for some months been trying to get BCYF management to agree to meet with ASU representatives to discuss the ongoing issues at Malop St.

Frustratingly, despite initial agreement management are now refusing. They claim that they can’t meet with us until staff return to the office and they meet with you first.

We are confident that the pulse survey that went to all staff earlier in the year provided a good insight into the extremely low morale at Malop St, in addition, your ASU delegates provided further information directly to management.

Your representatives have requested numerous times for BCYF to meet with us and discuss the outcomes of the survey, but they are refusing.

BCYF is also refusing to provide detail on how they intend to ensure that the inevitable return to the office is conducted in such a way as to ensure members safety.

Your representatives simply want assurance that there is a plan in place but as has become the usual practice our request is falling on deaf ears.

There are some things that members can do to protect themselves in the interim as well as when you return to the office environment.

If you feel you are being bullied or witness bullying:

  • If you can, tell the person the behaviour is unreasonable/inappropriate, that you are offended and want it to stop.
  • Keep a record of events that includes the names of people involved, for example, witnesses. Make sure the records focus on the facts of the situation, what happened, including dates and times and, if possible, copies of any documents. Its important witnesses follow this advice too and record what they saw and heard.
  • If you are not comfortable to attend a meeting with management, you have a right to request a support person or an industrial representative.
  • Be confident that reports of bullying must be investigated by management so it’s imperative that you report any and all inappropriate behaviour.
  • Visit this link to Worksafe Victoria to get more information:

Your ASU representatives will not let this issue go; we will keep insisting on meeting and will keep fighting to ensure you have a workplace that is safe.

We need you to help us do this by encouraging your colleagues to join ASU and to also ensuring that you report all incidents that occur. It is easy to join at

Members will continue to be updated as this issue progresses.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Joanne McEvoy | 0437 035 721 |

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