No matter what kind of work we do, hazards and risks can be minimised.

While the risks associated with outdoor work can be more obvious, there are hazards and risks that come with office work too.

Common hazards or risks in office-based work usually come from psychosocial effects and hazardous manual handling, these include:

  • repetitive work, like computer use
  • sitting for long periods
  • poorly designed workstations
  • lifting, handling and moving office equipment and supplies
  • tripping on objects on the floor or power cords
  • workplace bullying, harassment and occupational violence
  • work-related stress

Being aware of the risks in your workplace is the first step to addressing them by using a risk management approach of identifying hazards, identifying risks associated with the hazards, controlling the risks, and monitoring the effectiveness of the controls put in place.

There are resources available to kelp workers, and Health and Safety Representatives become more aware of the hazards that come with office-based work.


Worksafe Victoria: A Guide to Health and Safety in the Office

WorkSafe Tasmania: Offices

Victorian Trades Hall Council  OHS Unit: Call Centres

The ASU is By Your Side
If you are concerned that work is affecting your health and safety, speak with an elected Health and Safety Representative, your ASU delegate or organiser, or contact the ASU Member Contact Centre on or on 1300 855 570.

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