On 23 November ASU delegates and officials met with the MacKillop CEO and HR to discuss two major industrial issues concerning members:

Issue 1: Historical pay irregularities under the previous Enterprise Agreement (EA): MacKillop Family Services Enterprise Agreement 2005 – 2006: including underpayments, overpayments and attempts to correct these.

Issue 2: Underpayments and other issues under the current EA:  MacKillop Family Services Enterprise Agreement 2016.

ASU member concerns raised at the meeting in relation to these two issues are summarised below, along with actions to be undertaken.

  1. Historical pay irregularities under the previous Enterprise Agreement (EA):
  • Understanding of process to calculate previous back payments has been sought by the ASU, including data sources used (i.e. rosters, actual hours worked (Time Target records) and Comms Books). ASU is seeking clarification retrospectively for Issue 1, and agreement on sources to be used for Issue 2.
  • The ASU raised concerns that members had been unable to meaningfully understand how the MacKillop payments had been rectified from the 2017 audit, as data had been provided in a “locked format”. MacKillop agreed in principle to reissuing the USBs with unlocked data, upon employee request.
  • Basis of law applied by MacKillop for underpayments being offset from overpayments.
  1. Underpayments and other issues under the current EA:
  • Time Target drop outs after 12 hour shifts; causing a shift to look “split” and loss of over time, this issue is to be added to the current audit check.
  • Impact of internet drop outs (for example, split shifts); and impact on accuracy; intermittent internet issues at some sites, MacKillop to look into.
  • Payment corrections being made within 2 day time frame as per EA; issue with compliance as per clause 16.2 of the EA. Payslip corrections being reissued; issue with compliance as per clause 16.5 of the EA. HR to follow up with Payroll.
  • Time Target fortnightly visual representation and identification of unassigned shifts to be explored assist with rostering, MacKillop to follow up with ASU delegates.
  • Timeline for key dates of 2018 review; to be provided by MacKillop by 7 December.
  • Explanation of EA clause interpretation and scope used by MacKillop to date, and proposed interpretation of same. To include interpretation of relevant clauses used by MacKillop pre- and post-issue identification and corresponding formula changes to calculation of wages. Mostly relates to Clause 11 Overtime, and Clause 9 Hours of Work. MacKillop to respond by 7 December.
  • Other pay anomalies noted, e.g. double time being paid on double time example provided.

Next Steps
If you have queries in relation either Issue 1 and/or Issue 2 the ASU wants to hear from you!

We’re keen to ensure that we have a list of any members who want their matters included in Issue 1. We also want to ensure we have an accurate picture of the spread of Issue 2.
If you have queries or feedback, please let the ASU office know via kbowe@asuvictas.com.au

MacKillop have committed to responding, with at least an outline of a plan on Issue 2, we will keep members up to date as this progresses.

If you’d like a meeting at your site for a further briefing on these matters, or have any questions please contact Karrie Bowe via kbowe@asuvictas.com.au | 0400 917 845

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