The Victorian government today announced a “circuit breaker” COVID-19 lockdown for the whole of Victoria from 11:59pm tonight until 11:59pm on Wednesday, 17 February.

You can see a table listing specifics restrictions here.

Key elements of the new guidance relevant to ASU members include;

Essential workers
Any person who performs work that is essential for the continued operation of:

  1. an essential provider; or
  2. essential infrastructure and essential services without which the safety, health or welfare of the community or a section of the community would be endangered or seriously prejudiced (whether provided by a public or private undertaking);
  3. emergency repair workers
  4. a person who is critical to, and involved in, the State’s COVID-19 response (including in hotel quarantine);
  5. roadside assistance services;
  6. government or local government services (whether provided by government, local government or outsourced) determined to be essential by the relevant Chief Executive Officer;
  7. domestic and commercial waste and resource recovery services (including collection, treatment and disposal services and transfer stations);

Essential providers

  1. urgent services necessary for the health and safety of any person, animal or premises; or
  2. essential child protection activities
  3. a childcare or family day care provider; or
  4. a school, but only to the extent that education services are provided to the child of an essential worker or to vulnerable children

We will send out any other specific guidance material for ASU covered workplaces as any more information becomes available.

If you need more information, please contact your ASU Delegate, ASU Organiser or our Member Contact Centre by email at

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