We were hoping you might be able to help us – we’re refining the union’s membership package and are looking to host a group discussion with people who are not currently members of the ASU, but work in local government.

We’re offering a $80 voucher to you at a store of your choice such as Myer, Coles, JB Hifi (among others) for successfully identifying a participant for these discussions.  

The discussion will be about the issues in local government. It’s important to understand the needs of people who are not members of the union so we can better engage with them to grow the union. The more people who join, the stronger we will be.

Do you work with someone in local government who might be interested in participating in the discussion?

It will only take them 90 minutes to participate and they will also get an $80 voucher for their time. It is totally anonymous and they can participate when it suits them.

Please email Tim who will be facilitating the discussion if you know someone who might like to be involved at tim@theshapeagency.com.au to register your interest.

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