Last Monday Local Government Victoria (LGV) advised Councils that “many of the civil works activities undertaken by councils are considered to be construction” and that Council workers engaged in these activities were required to be vaccinated and not travel between lockdown areas and regional Victoria.

Some Councils have applied a very broad interpretation of this advice and declared depots a construction site and determined that all workers at the depot are covered by these orders.

We have been representing members on these issues and many Councils have already backed off from their initial position.

We have been lobbying the government on this unreasonable interpretation since the announcement last Monday. On Thursday we met with representatives of Local Government Victoria and the Minister for Local Government.

Clarification was sent by LGV to all CEO’s on Thursday night which makes it clear that:

We are contacting Councils where we know this is still an issue to ensure that they implement this new advice and ensure that any workers that were threatened with stand down are returned to work.

Know your rights

  • If you have been stood down, you may be entitled to compensation.
  • There may be some limited instances where travel restrictions and vaccination requirements do apply, but there may be options other than stand down.

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