At our recent Delegates conference, we recognised some extraordinary delegates. You can read a little about the work that led to them being awarded below.

The HEALTH & SAFETY CHAMPION AWARD is given to a delegate that has ensured that ASU members were represented in consultation on the employers’ response to COVID or intervened when the employers’ response was inadequate. The winner of this award has also advocated strongly for casuals who were layed off during the first lockdown. Christian from Geelong Regional Library Corporation is a very deserving winner of this award.

The INNOVATION CHAMPION AWARD is given to a delegate that has adapted to changing workplace environments to promote and strengthen the union through the use of innovation or technology. Our libraries have been at the forefront of innovation during COVID including delivering programs online. The winner of this award has led the front line in ensuring Council provides a COVID safe workplace within libraries and all of Council. We congratulate Glenda Lanting from Hume City Council for winning the Innovation Champion Award.

The COVID CHAMPION AWARD is for a delegate that has led the response to COVID in their workplace or community and projected a positive image of ASU Delegates. The winner of this award has dedicated her time and energy to ensuring that she is able to attend delegate meetings and that information from these meetings is filtered down to staff as required. She has acted selflessly by providing advice to staff and people leaders to ensure that the safety of workers is also considered in every decision made. She has displayed leadership by strongly advocating for the safety and wellbeing of staff in the workplace and is regarded as a valuable consultant on both sides of the conversation. Staff feel supported by her in a role as a delegate and Cushla Fatouros from Yarra City Council is a very deserving winner of the COVID CHAMPION AWARD.

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