This year will be another year of challenges for ASU members.

  • COVID will be with us for at least the rest of this year and more lockdowns are always a possibility;
  • The rate cap has fallen to 1.5% and Councils continue to use that as an excuse to offer insulting pay increases; and
  • Increasingly, employers are trying to take away hard-won conditions such as enhanced redundancy packages, restrictions on temporary employment, leave accrual and hours of work.

But there are also opportunities for us to drive the agenda and build power to advance the interests of our members.

Councils are required to develop a workforce plan by the end of the year, and they are required to consult with and involve the workforce. The workforce plans must also include measures to ensure gender equity, diversity and inclusiveness.

We are bargaining at more than half of the Councils and Library Corporations in the state. Together we can win better conditions such as paid COVID leave, paid natural disaster leave and protection against occupational violence and gendered violence to name a few!

Due to a clash with ALP National Conference, our next meeting Local Government Delegates Network meeting has been moved to Thursday 1 April at 12 Noon.

Please come along where we will answer the following questions:

  • ALP National Platform – what’s in it for ASU members?
  • Workforce planning – what does that mean?
  • Crisis on the Frontline Campaign – what are our plans for 2021?

Please join us on Zoom – Thursday 1 April at 12 noon.

Meetings are held on the last Wednesday of each month at 12 noon as follows:

  • Wednesday 28 April
  • Wednesday 26 May
  • Wednesday 30 June
  • Wednesday 28 July
  • Wednesday 25 August
  • Wednesday 29 September
  • Wednesday 27 October
  • Wednesday 24 November
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