ASU members aren’t satisfied with sitting back and waiting for things to change, we are union determined to make things better for ASU members across our industries.

As part of our continuing effort to improve the work lives of members, last week ASU members Adele and Angela, ASU Deputy Secretary Tash Wark and Assistant Secretary Leon Wiegard travelled to Canberra last week.

They received a warm welcome from members of the new government. Thank you to Senator Linda White (a former ASU national assistant secretary), Lisa Chesters MP, Senator Jess Walsh, and Sam Rae MP for meeting with ASU members about their priorities.  And a special thank-you to minister Brendan O’Connor for being so generous with his time.

For the community sector, our discussions were about commonwealth program funding keeping up with the cost of delivering services and the importance of secure work in the sector.

Unsurprisingly, given the Albanese Government’s commitment to secure work, we got a great hearing from each of the MPs and Senators we met with.

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