Members of the Library Liaison are invited to meet via zoom next week.

DATE: Tuesday 25 May
TIME: 6pm

Agenda items:

  1. Regularity of Meetings – Monthly or bi-Monthly. (currently bi-Monthly)
  2. Call for more volunteers to join the Library Liaison Organising Committee.
  3. Discussion – PLV are advocating for library staff to be considered for COVID-19 vaccinations as a priority
    1. Motion – Does the ASU library liaison network support the position of PLV on their Vaccination Advocacy for Library Staff
  4. Bargaining – An ASU member from GRLC will start with 10 min presentation on their industrial action – members can then share stories, what are the experiences. What’s under threat in EA’s, where has there been success?

If you know of someone who would like to participate, please forward them this invitation.

Support Geelong Regional Libraries staff!
Staff at Geelong Regional Library Corporation are fighting for better wages and conditions.

Despite being consistently ranked as the best public library service in Victoria, GRLC pays its Library Officer Customer Service Staff the 45th lowest salaries in the state, out of 49 library services! GRLC wages are almost 20% lower than some libraries in Melbourne and lower even than many rural Victorian libraries.

GRLC workers’ requests for equal wages, improved conditions and basic workplace safety measures have been rejected by library management. So now staff are taking industrial action to win a better deal, and they need your support.

What happens at one public library service sets a standard for every other. A defeat at GRLC will be used by employers to drive down wages and working conditions at other libraries, while a victory will set an inspiring precedent for all library workers.

If you can, please take the time to email members of the GRLC Library Board and tell them you support their staff fighting for a fair deal!

Councillor Ron Nelson:
Councillor Susan Salter:
Councillor Stephen Hart:
Councillor Sarah Mansfield:
Councillor Jim Mason:
Councillor Liz Pattison:
Councillor Owen Sharkey:
Councillor Trent Sullivan:
Vanessa Schernickau (GRLC CEO):

Your membership is your strength, know someone who is not a member? Ask them to join online at

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Will Wyatt | | 0418 320 625

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