Thanks to those who came along yesterday for a great discussion. We understand some people couldn’t make it at short notice, so below is information about the latest proposal.

Library Schedule
The negotiations around the library schedule have been taking place at the eleventh hour of this bargaining process. The management proposal is:

  • Work from home with a minor illness
    A new clause to allow you to work from home for up to 50% of your work hours on a particular day, where you have a minor illness. The purpose of this clause is to allow more library staff to undertake work from home when you have a sniffle, rather than taking sick leave. View the proposed clause here.
  • Span of hours
    A new span of hours be introduced:
    Monday to Friday 8am to 9.30pm and Saturday to 12 noon.
    Currently, the ordinary span of hours is ‘determined by Management’ and may be ‘worked at any time, on any days from Monday to Saturday noon inclusive on a roster system’.
    It is important to understand the span is not your actual rostered work hours or when the library will be open. Management has told us they have no intention to extend service hours. The new span just ensures any work outside the span receives penalty rates.

These changes are in addition to the wins in the core document that also benefit library members, including a $25.07 a week increase in December this year, the creation of a paid pandemic leave pool clause, $500 Superannuation payment for women who are over 45 and Band 6 and below and much, much more.

For further information or to provide feedback please contact:
ASU Delegate Lou | ASU Delegate Julia or
ASU Organiser Zoe Edwards |

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