By now you’ll know that the State Government has announced that libraries will be allowed to open on the 1st of June.

We know that many libraries may not choose to open, but delegates, HSRs and members need to know their rights on how to stay safe.

We hosted a delegate and HSR meeting with over 50 attendees on Monday, and a member meeting with over 150 attendees today.

So many people tried to tune in that Microsoft Teams closed the meeting, and we’ve had to organise another member meeting for tomorrow at 12.30pm.

DATE: Wednesday 27 May
Join Microsoft Teams Meeting Here

Members have heaps of questions on what is needed to stay safe when libraries reopen, and what they are entitled to. The answer is that every library is going to be different.

From a recent survey of library members, your delegates and ASU officials have developed a check list of questions that should be asked of management before a library reopens.

All delegates and HSRs should have received the checklist, but you can also find it on the website here.  

Contacting management about consultation

Many of you are aware that you have a right to consultation, but aren’t sure how to enforce those rights.

If you are a delegate or HSR, or you don’t have a delegate or HSR at your workplace, you can download a sample email to request consultation here.

Don’t have a delegate or a Health and Safety Representative at your library? Start the conversation with your colleagues now about your need to have representation.

Have you got a colleague who is interested in joining the union? Forward them this email so they can sign up here.

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