Recently your library delegates came together for an urgent discussion on how to move forward in the coronavirus crisis.

Delegates all agreed that with libraries shutting down, we need to protect the pay, job security and health of all library staff, whether you are full time, part time, permanent or casual.

If you do not have enough delegates in your workplace, now is the time to step up and nominate.

By becoming a delegate, you ensure that your workplace will have a voice in one of the most critical challenges that libraries have ever faced. Send expressions of interest to Austin at

Library delegates have come together and decided on the following claims on all employers:

  • Two weeks of special leave for people who have to self-isolate and cannot work.
  • All libraries to be closed to the public immediately.
  • Working from home to become the preferred method of work, with employees only working from branches after consultation with employees and only if the physical distancing recommendations from DHHS are strictly followed.
  • All library staff to be paid for the duration of the shutdown, whether alternative work can be found or not, with permanent staff being paid at their base rate, and casual staff being paid a stipend of their average actual hours worked over the last six months, or the two weeks prior to the shutdown, whichever is higher.
  • All staff to remain employed by their employer so that they can continue with regular duties when the libraries reopen.

Delegates will be organising member meetings via zoom, skype or telephone over the coming weeks to discuss these claims with you, and develop a campaign plan depending on how your employer is behaving.

Right now we are seeing admirable behavior from employers like the Goldfields Regional Library Corporation, who have guaranteed staff wages for at least six months, but poor behavior from employers like Yarra Council, who have cut off all income to casuals.

By working together and being union we can get through this horrible time. Please forward this email to a colleague if they are not a union member yet and encourage them to join.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Austin Fabry |

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