Yesterday the Premier announced the limited re-opening of libraries from Monday 1 June.

We are holding a Microsoft Teams meeting for library members on

DATE: Tuesday 26 May
TIME: 12.00 pm
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We remain concerned with the lack of consultation that occurred at some Councils and Regional Library Corporations when the first shutdowns occurred. We have been meeting with delegates & HSR’s over the last few weeks to prepare for the easing of restrictions & re-opening of libraries.

We must ensure over the next week that members are consulted and that proper risk assessments are conducted before any libraries are re-opened. Yesterday’s announcement does not mean that libraries must open on 1 June, only that they can open on 1 June. We must ensure that if they open, they open safely.

Today we are writing to all Councils and RLC’s regarding their obligation to consult with Health & Safety Representatives, delegates, and members.

Each library is unique, and a risk assessment should be undertaken in consultation with staff to identify and mitigate the risks.

As a result of the survey we conducted a few weeks ago, and meetings we held with your delegates, we have developed a checklist to be used for risk assessments. This list is a guide only to what questions you may want to ask and will not cover every risk for your library.

Click here for the Libraries Checklist. 

For further information please contact your Organiser or
The ASU Member Contact Centre | | 1300 855 570

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