The ASU will immediately seek an urgent meeting with the new local government minister, and begin a lobbying campaign of all newly elected parliamentarians across the state to seek changes to the rate capping policy to ensure that;

  1. Shared services are not be used to reduce jobs, pay or conditions across local governments
  2. There is not an artificial cap placed on wages and conditions for council workers covered by enterprise agreements
  3. There are measures put in place that stop ballooning wages for senior executives


The ASU is calling all members to join us in stepping up our campaign on the State Government to change their current rate capping policy.


A Labor government should not be implementing policies that increase insecure work, cut wages and quality permanent jobs.


We need you
We invite all ASU members to sign up to become part of this campaign.

  • Can you attend a meeting with other ASU representatives and talk about the impacts of rate capping in your community and workplace?
  • Can you join a campaign committee on the issue?
  • Can you spread the word to your colleagues about the campaign?


Sign up here to find out what else you can do to help.


Shared Services not always a solution
As ASU members know, shared services can lead to;

  • Cut wages and conditions
  • Cuts local jobs
  • Rip money from struggling regional communities


They also lead to straight out outsourcing of local government jobs to greedy private sector companies that cut wages and services to residents.


Since the introduction of the rate capping policy of the Labor government you would have seen the impact that it has had on wages, conditions and services in local government.  With the Labor party being re-elected the ASU will continue the fight to remove the current rate capping policy.


Since it was elected in 2014 this government have implemented wages policies within the public sector that have seen public servants receive wage increases of at least 3% per annum. And yet they have forced a rate capping policy that keeps an artificial lid on wages in local government.  We have also seen that local governments are starting to explore shared services as a way of cutting costs.


If you are interested in organising a meeting in your workplace to discuss this issue sign up here.

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