With government directions on working from home likely to change soon for community services workers, many employers are mapping out their transition processes for staff.

And ASU delegates across Victoria, like those at Launch Housing, are on the front foot making sure the views of ASU members are heard, and their interests are considered.

As part of their role representing members in the workplace, delegates at Launch Housing have recently been engaging in consultation with management around the transition back to office-based work.

After discussing with members, Launch delegates have provided feedback and raised questions covering safety, wellbeing and flexible working arrangements, among other issues. ย The delegates have established recurring meetings with management, to ensure that the workers have a voice in the discussion and in turn, the outcomes.

The work of delegates, like those at Launch Housing, is one way that the ASU protects, promotes, and improves the working conditions of our members.

With some hard work and support of the ASU, you can make a difference in your workplace too.

If you are interested in becoming an ASU delegate or in getting more involved at your workplace, contact ASU Organiser Tim Sullivan on 0475 888 168 or tsullivan@asuvictas.com.au to have a chat

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