The ASU recently met with the Launch office strategy and consolidation steering committee to discuss our ongoing concerns about the office strategy and consolidation.

Who is impacted?
Current and former Fitzroy teams, Prahran, Northcote, St Kilda, Non IAP staff at Collingwood and Cheltenham, and back of house staff at Southbank.

We remain unclear how other teams might be impacted by these changes.

What did we talk about?
The ASU raised concerns that Launch is failing to consult prior to making a definite decision on major changes. The process to date had not been transparent we remain unclear about which staff reps are representing which team in the “informal consultations”, as well as being unsure how members can participate and have their say.

The Launch voluntary staff survey, designed to gather some of the functional requirements for office space, did not include questions about locational requirements. For ASU members, the office location remains a large consideration of any office consolidation.

ASU members remain anxious and unsure about these changes and require more information about timeframes and how their concerns about location could be communicated and would be considered.

ASU requests of Launch:

  • Clarify the process for the project from hereon including timelines.
  • To provide explanations on how they are collecting information about locational requirements, including car parking.
  • Commit to meeting with Northcote members specifically to discuss their concerns

What next?
Launch agreed to come back to us by September 16 regarding revised timelines and more information about ways for members to participate in “consultation” but has failed to do this. Once we receive this information we will work with delegates and members to determine next steps.

For more information please contact:
ASU Organiser Kristy Lee Tyrrell |

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