ASU membership is on the steep incline at Launch. It’s no surprise with all your current industrial action that your colleagues are seeing the benefit of sticking together.

The ASU has now notified Launch of your next work ban which commences today. With a quick trip to the Fair Work Commission and some bogus threats of disciplinary action from Launch, it seems all your hard work is paying off. Keep this up and we can be sure to earn a better deal!


When: Tuesday 23 November and ongoing until members collectively decide otherwise
What:  Interrupting or stopping work to place EA campaign material in/on windows, work vehicles and outside of buildings.

But what about the Zoom/Teams backgrounds, entering and updating support periods email signatures and voicemails?
These bans remain in place until members collectively decide otherwise. Whilst Launch are not yet offering a better deal, they are showing signs of movement!

What can we plaster in campaign material and how?

ASU delegates are distributing chalk pens for writing on cars. Go crazy- but make sure the messages don’t obscure the driver’s view

There are some suggested messages already your email signatures, badges and zoom backgrounds

The ASU will shortly send through some printable material to hang up around your work site.

The more active members are, the stronger you are to secure a better deal. Forward this to a colleague if you believe they have not yet joined and ask them to join today via

For more information please contact: your ASU delegate or:
ASU Organiser Kristy Lee Tyrrell | 0419 506 310 |
ASU Organiser Tim Sullivan | 0417 472 497 |

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