Today 27 September, ASU members at Launch Housing voted yes to taking protected action. 106 members voted yes and only 6 voted no!

The actions approved range from badge-wearing to periods of stop work.

Shortly you will get a chance to have your say on what actions are to be taken and when.

Where is the EBA at?
There are several things the ASU and management don’t agree upon. They are:

  • Wage and Salary – Launch is proposing to pay no more than what they are likely legally obliged to pay;
  • Casuals progressing pay bands after 12 months service
  • Consulting staff prior to major change
  • The use of fixed-term contracts
  • Wellbeing leave being applied fairly to all staff
  • Ordinary span of hours to be from 6am-7pm
  • All vacancies more than 4 weeks to be advertised internally
  • Paid ceremonial and cultural leave
  • Loading and penalties should be paid on personal leave as if shift worked
  • Quantum of paid parental leave

Let’s keep up the pressure on the Stingy Launch CEO.

Launch has conceded on several of our claims recently including increasing the sleepover rate however this was only after our pressure.

Taking legally protected action will keep the pressure on Launch’s Warner to agree to a classification review.

Under Launch’s current offer, you will be worse off than if we get what we are after.

Encourage non-members to join the ASU
If any of your work colleagues are not in the ASU ask them to join. Tell them that the ASU is fighting to improve their pay and conditions and now is an exciting time to join via

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Kristy Lee Tyrrell | 0419 506 310 |

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