Yesterday, when notifying of our next industrial action Launch simply thanked your union for letting them know. Unfortunately, this is a good indicator we can’t take the foot off of the throttle and need to step up industrial action.

As voted by members our next action will commence Monday 18 October. The action is: to interrupt or stop work periodically, over an indefinite period or for specified periods, to: (a) Change Zoom/Teams background; and/or (b) Change Zoom/Teams name to “taking industrial action” and interrupting or stopping work to change voicemail to advise callers of industrial action.

Please find Zoom/Teams background here.

By continuing to come together for further industrial action on Monday, you’ll show management that we are strong, united, and willing to act until every employee at Launch has adequate rights to consultation and fair conditions.

Until Monday, it is important that every member is wearing an ASU badge and has changed their email signature to one provided by the ASU. If you don’t have a badge yet, please get in touch and we’ll get one to you.

Do you have colleagues who still haven’t signed up as a member of the ASU? Forward this email to them and ask them to sign up at:

For more information please contact: Your ASU Delegate or
ASU Organiser Kristy Lee Tyrrell | 0419 506 310 |

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