For years the Liberal government has been driving down wages, pushing Australians into insecure work, and making it harder for workers to demand to be treated fairly.

We need to Change the Rules so people can have jobs they can count on.
We need to Change the Rules so working people can win fair pay rises.
We need to Change the Rules for working women.

But first we need to change the government.

With just over a month until the Federal election, we’ll be rallying for job security and fair pay for all working Australians.

You can be part of making this a real show of strength.

DATE: Wednesday 10 April
TIME: 12.30pm
LOCATION: Civic Square, Launceston

To make it easier for members across Tasmania to get to the march, we are taking expressions of interest from members interested in traveling by bus to Launceston with other union members. Arrangements will depend on the location and number of interested members.

Together, we’ll Change the Rules.

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