Our first meeting with the City of Launceston Bargaining Committee was held yesterday.
This meeting was held to discuss the bargaining process and finalise the schedule of bargaining meetings to be held over the coming months.

A few important points that came out of the meeting are as follows.

There are no Independent Bargaining Representatives.
This means that negotiations for your EA are essentially between the ASU and Management.
Non ASU Members are not being represented at the bargaining table.

Management will be presenting their Log of Claims at the next meeting on Wednesday 11 November.
We will keep you informed about changes to the enterprise agreement proposed by Council.

The ASU will be presenting your Log of Claims at the meeting scheduled for 18 November.
Thank you to everyone that responded to our Log of Claims surveys or contacted us directly to provide input into the ASU Log of Claims.
We are now finalising the draft ASU Log and will provide the Log to ASU members for endorsement prior to the meeting on the 18th of November.

If you have any questions about this bulletin please contact ASU Organiser Kath Milbourne on 0429 004 237

Or one of the ASU Bargaining Team.
Jo Swan – 0400 373 845
Stuart Bucknell – 0478 708 824
Mick Arrowsmith – 0448 477 747
Peter Miller – 0409 737 250
Johnny Silczak – 0418 998 776
Michelle Crowden – 0428 015 555

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