Thank you to everyone who attended the meeting last Thursday regarding changes proposed by LCHS to Behavioural Health Program (BHP) staff.

We share concerns of staff that while changes are only proposed for the BHP staff, once instituted there is nothing to prevent your employer from extending its implementation to other areas.

It was requested that we provide a general overview which could be circulated to staff that were unable to attend the meeting.

Please share this with your colleagues.

Your employer has only agreed to extend consultation until CoB on 21 June.

Please send feedback to and raise your concerns with local management.

These issues have been identified from discussions with LCHS employees and ASU members.

  1. The first change is classification levels for staff will be aligned to a remuneration/benchmarking review.
  2. Most positions will be re-classified and increased by 1 or 2 classifications.
  3. It is proposed that this change comes with a more onerous process for staff progress through the pay points within each classification level.
  4. This entails a new “competency framework” making it more difficult for staff to obtain annual pay increases under their classification increments.
  5. ASU members have expressed concerns the new competency framework will cause stress and pressure to meet the criteria for incremental advancement.
  6. There is concern the criteria is tied to client outcomes which are subject to many variables, and difficult to measure.
  7. We are concerned this framework will be expanded to other parts of LCHS.

Please find material provided to the ASU by your employer;
Change Impact Statement
BHP Band Progression
BHP Remuneration and Competency Framework
Application for Progression

Share this with a colleague & ask them to join the ASU today via

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Kerman Daruwalla |

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