Latrobe City Management has held firm on the present offer. You told us to go back to management and ask for more, Management has rejected your call, Vote No.

We have had discussions around different incentives to help get this EBA over the line and we have been unsuccessful. Vote No.

The current offer is – 1.2%, 1.25%, 1.3% or rate capping minus 0.5% with a minimum dollar figure amount of $20. Your neighbouring councils within Gippsland are gaining substantially better pay increases than this. Vote No.

Current CPI figures are exceeding 5%, the housing market is at record highs and fuel is currently sitting in excess of $2 per litre. Vote No.

The outcome is now in your hands.

We have been negotiating this agreement for over 12 months and Latrobe City has given us very little in return! Let’s send them back to the table and Vote NO.

Your ASU Organiser Colin Houghton will be attending Morwell Depot Tuesday 24 May to discuss this current offer, cook you some breakfast, and get your opinions on the next steps.

Invite a non-member along to learn what the ASU can do for them and see for themselves the hard work you’re elected delegates have been doing to achieve the best outcome for you.

Together we are stronger. Ask a co-worker to join the ASU at:

For further information please contact:
ASU Delegates Ian Ricketts, Linda Davies, Gavin Foenander or
ASU Organiser Colin Houghton |

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