The ASU met with Acting General Manager of Community Services Kate Kerslake, and officers on Friday to discuss the future of Council Home care. Respect for Councils high value home care workforce was clear as was a general concern about the potential impact of change on the workforce and community.

Council is currently considering their consultant’s report. The reports confidentially limited discussion but we understand Council will vote on a full range of options.  It is anticipated that decisions regarding the future of home care will be made at the next Council meeting on the 1 July.

The ASU will be holding a meeting at 4.00pm on  Monday 1 July to discuss these issues further with interested ASU staff and members. A newsletter will confirm details early next week.

We recommend that community members speak to Councillors about aged care and that everyone with an interest attend their Council meeting on the 1 July.

A further discussion was held with the Mayor who expressed his concern about Council’s options and potential impacts on Latrobe’s staff and community.

The Mayor was sympathetic to retention (of Home Care) to maintain services but all information being provided suggests that it would be cost prohibitive and beyond the resources of Council in to continue as a provider into the future.

ASU has urged officers and Council to be cautious. The two year funding extension allows Council to hold off making a decision and further consider their options.

It is our belief that as recommendations from the Royal Commission into Aged care and future funding policy remain unknown Councils should delay their decisions and look at how they can maintain their workforce and preserve Councils critical role in overseeing the welfare of older residents.

It is critical that the ASU have a direct line of communication with a representative of the workforce at this time and urges members to nominate at least one, but preferably two ASU delegates.

If you are interested in discussing or have any questions please contact Lorraine Di Pietrantonio on 0400 986 745.

The ASU works to protect and improve the working conditions of our members.

Jane Karslake
ASU Lead Organiser

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