The Australian Service Union understands that there is a proposal in Latrobe City to introduce an Alcohol and Other Drugs / Fitness for Work Policy.

We are writing to your employer to check the details of how this would operate. We have experience in monitoring policy so we are asking questions about:

  • Evidence of risk – What are the reasons for a policy?
  • Non-Negative results – How will results be managed?
  • Prescription medication – How will people with prescriptions or over the counter medication be affected?
  • Random Testing – What are the details for this type of testing?
  • Scope of policy – What is defined as each type of workplace?
  • Standards – How is each standard 0.00, 0.02, 0.05 applied and why?

The ASU is relying upon Latrobe City Council Enterprise Agreement (No.8) 2018 when pursuing consultation on this matter.

We rely upon s6 Consultation and Major Change as the policy proposed by LCC has potential impact on workers’ ongoing employment. We note that s26.1 reinforces the need to consult on OHS issues.

The ASU is requesting a meeting to discuss these concerns on behalf of our members before any changes are implemented.

If you have any questions please contact ASU Organiser Cindy O’Connor at so we can raise them on your behalf.

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