Latrobe City Management has presented us with another new offer. When the original offer was voted down, management came back to us with another sub-standard offer, you again told us it wasn’t good enough. We took this back to management, and they have rethought their position.

Management has presented us with a new offer that they believe is fair. ASU Organiser Colin Houghton will be presenting this new offer to members at meetings next week for your feedback.

DATE: Wednesday 4 May
TIME: 7am – 8am
VENUE: Morwell Depot

DATE: Wednesday 4 May
TIME: 9am – 10am
VENUE: Morwell Art Gallery, Large Meeting Room

DATE: Thursday 5 May
TIME: 10am – 11am
MEETING LINK: Click here to join the meeting

Invite a non-member along to learn what the ASU can do for them and see for themselves the hard work you’re elected delegates have been doing to achieve the best outcome for you.

Together we are stronger. Ask a co-worker to join the ASU at:

For further information please contact:
ASU Delegates Ian Ricketts, Linda Davies, Gavin Foenander or
ASU Organiser Colin Houghton |

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