The Morrison Government last night announced the Federal Budget for 2022-23. Your union has had experts in the Budget lock-up to bring you an early insight into what the Federal Budget means for you.

Here’s an overview:

Morrison is missing on wages – No solutions to fix the cost of living crisis.

Over the last few years working people and families have contended with the COVID pandemic, fire, floods and are now facing sky rocketing cost of living crisis.

The Morrison Government has announced a one-off $420 budget bribe as its plan to fix the cost of living crisis.

The Morrison Government has no plan to improve wages & they’ve done nothing for 8 years to stop wages going backwards.

Instead of setting out a plan on how to lift wages, the Morrison Government has used this Budget as a campaign launch for the upcoming Federal Election with a few sugar hits that won’t create long-term change.

Without a plan to fix wages, you can’t fix the cost of living crisis.

The devil is in the detail

The Government made a lot of noise about supporting women and supporting communities – but it is a lot of spin without the substance to back it up.

There’s no paid family violence leave.

The changes to paid parental leave may lead to fewer men accessing paid parental leave, not more.

There’s nothing to close the gender pay gap or improve women’s superannuation outcomes.

There’s nothing that undoes a decade of cuts to community services.

There’s nothing to provide a wage increase for workers.

There’s no plan to implement the recommendations of the Respect@Work report to create safer workplaces for women.

The Morrison Government continues to be missing on the issues that matter.

The Australian Services Union will continue to fight for ASU members.

We will continue to campaign for women’s safety and a minimum of ten days of paid domestic violence leave.

We will continue to campaign for funding for community and disability services that will provide high-quality support to the people who need it, delivered by workers in fairly paid and secure jobs.

And we will continue to fight for real wage rises to fix the cost of living crisis.

Watch out for more detailed ASU Budget analysis on the issues that affect ASU members and their families in the coming days.

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