The ASU meet with Kingston Council on April 13 and advised that members were happy to consider a rollover agreement however were seeking improvements to the offer on the table, specifically pertaining to the percentage increase.

We flagged continuing the wages offer under the current EA which was 2.3% or $35.

Councils original offer was 1.75% or $22.50 whichever is greater. The dollar amount delivered a higher increase for members within bands 1 to 3d.

Council provided in writing a counter-offer, which is detailed below (a copy can be found here);

  • 75% (the rate cap for 2022) or $25, whichever is greater. This is an increase of $2.50 per week and delivers a higher increase than the flat % increase to members on bands 1 to 4d.
  • Parental leave provision available to all parents (16 weeks paid)
  • 3 days of ‘flexibility leave’ (non-accrued and accessed by 31 December 2022) to all staff who were,
    • described as essential workers under the State Pandemic orders and
    • unable to access flexible working (defined as hybrid working – the ability to work from home or in the office)

The eligible essential workers will come from the following areas within council,

  1. Access Care
  2. Parking enforcement, animal management and local laws staff
  3. Family and Children Centres
  4. Maternal Child Health
  5. Youth and Family Services
  6. Open Space field Workers

We need to understand if members are supportive of this offer or would prefer to renegotiate a longer-term EA.

We have created a short survey which you can fill out here:

As mentioned previously there is no right or wrong – we want to understand what your preference is.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Lorraine Di Pietrantonio | 0400 986 745 |

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