Hopefully, you are aware that the ASU has been in discussions with Kingston City Council regarding the implementation of the Kingston JobKeeper program.

Although the ASU is aware this program might offer some benefits to some members, the detail still is not known and therefore there are potential risks to entitlements that can only be resolved with greater discussion.

Kingston City Council is not engaging in discussion with the ASU to resolve these potential issues.

Kingston City Council does not need to stand down employees. Council has not suffered a substantial reduction of income and the State Government is guaranteeing funding until the new budgets are done in October.

This is Council officers being opportunistic in seeing a way they can save money whilst putting the blame elsewhere.

The ASU on behalf of members has lodged a stand down dispute with the Fair Work Commission against Kingston City Council over the stand-down of school crossing supervisors. Regardless of what else is occurring elsewhere in the economy, all schools are now back again with VicRoads providing the funding to councils to provide school crossing supervisors.

It isn’t up to Council to decide what crossings warrant supervision or not, they are being paid to deliver a service.

ASU advice to permanent and part-time employees is, they should not be signing up to the Kingston JobKeeper program and to advise the ASU if they are threatened with being stood down.

For further information please contact:
ASU Member Contact Centre | info@asuvictas.com.au

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