Following consultation meetings and discussions with your ASU delegates, we have confirmed the specific claims we seek to table at our next EBA meeting for Early Childhood.

These are listed below;

  • Introduction of a minimum of 2 hours planning time (non-contact time) per week is allocated to all staff involved in the planning cycle. This is to be backfilled on the ground
  • Lower adult-to-child ratios.
  • Allocated time for Delegates to meet with OHS officers and management to discuss any issues on a monthly basis.
  • Higher duties clause amended to remove exclusions for Early Years staff- bringing them in line with all employees- there should be more pay for the responsible person.
  • Sun protection PPE provided including hats and shade. 27.14a
  • Review of Chef banding to recognise additional responsibilities.
  • Additional Sick leave
  • Wellbeing leave separate to sick leave and without evidence requirements
  • Meetings to be made available online as well as in person
  • Cancellation allowance of meeting (those held after hours)
  • Creation of a new allowance when working as the responsible person on shift

In addition to these, we seek amendments to the Part A log – these can be found here.

We have created a short survey for you to provide your endorsement. It will only take a minute and will be open to Midday on Tuesday 9 May:

For further information please contact: Your ASU Delegates Shana or Kelly or
ASU Organiser Elspeth Cridland |

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