The enterprise agreement access period has commenced and shortly you will be asked to vote on the proposed agreement. This is your chance to have a look at the enterprise agreement your union delegates and officials have been working on. 

Unfortunately, the offer being put out to vote is not agreed on by ASU, as it does not meet the standards that you voted for at our member meetings and there are also some changes which are unacceptable. 

That is why it is vital that you send a message to Council and Vote No!  

Key issues include: 

  1. This pay offer falls well short of your ASU claim for a pay increase that will help you keep up with the rising costs of living. The current wage offer of 2.75% or $40 does not meet the rate cap amount of 3.5% 
  2. One group of your colleagues are excluded from the pay offer- it does NOT apply staff at the Leisure Centre. They are only to receive the first year increase, then have their wages frozen for a long three years. It is not fair to leave one group of employees behind.  
  3. The majority of your claims have been rejected, even including those that have no or minimal cost to council. Key areas important to members that have been rejected include: fairness in access to flexibility and work from home arrangements, improved consultation and more.  
  4. The length of the agreement is four years. This is far too long to be locked into an agreement with a poor pay offer that does not allow for inflation.  
  5. There is a highly concerning new clause that gives Council the ability to send any staff for medical assessments without needing a cause. This is overly invasive, unnecessary and has the capacity for misuse. 

We are holding meetings to discuss the offer further- details here:  

For further information please contact:
Your ASU delegates or
ASU Member Contact Centre | 1300 855 570 | 

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