Hours of work
With these strange days of people working remotely, you need to be mindful of the hours you work.

When pressure is put upon you to work longer hours to get a job completed, reflect on what you would do if you were based in the office. Would you happily work late into the evening there, or would you decide the task could be completed in the morning and go home?

Just because you are already at home doesn’t mean you are required to work longer hours than normal. Most importantly, take care of yourself, have regular breaks if you’re struggling with working in isolation, talk to someone, your Doctor or EAP.

Just a quick chat
Do not under any circumstances let an invitation from your manager to have a little chat turn into a discussion about your work performance without it being a formal discussion where you have ASU support with you.

If your manager has a concern about your performance, they are within their rights to discuss this with you, however, they need to follow due process by letting you know there is a concern and they need to provide you with the option of having a support person of your choice.

If you feel a quick chat is progressing beyond just that, you need to end the conversation and advise the manager you will continue the discussion when you have your ASU representative with you.

Your ASU Delegates
Alcinta Barnett-Kilby
Pam Cameron
Sally Difford
Colleen Gordon
Suzanne Hauff
Kate Marshall
Iurgi Urrutia

If you require any assistance please contact: One of your ASU Delegates or
ASU Organiser Darren Dwyer | ddwyer@asuvictas.com.au

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