As you’re aware the ASU is working with management to progress outstanding concerns from membership, see updates from discussions below:

  1. Permanent Reliever position; there is 11 EFT however 17 people impacted. Staff shortage and filling of vacancies have been difficult, causing long term vacancies.
    • Update: Survey requesting staff feedback sent out to obtain preference (20 September). Management to follow up on those yet to respond. Once received feedback provided to ASU.
  2. Same age vs multiple aged rooms: grouping of certain ages was discussed, this was a strategic move to ensure higher number of educators per room.
    • Update: No longer a concern, resolved.
  3. Familiarity with logging near misses and incidents: lots of information at each centre regarding process of lodging near misses and incidents. Kingston uses Injury assist for this.
    • Update: All sites have distributed relevant information and each site has OHS rep.
  4. Accountability:
    • Action Item: Looking at utilising the education leader position, more of an active role in raising concerns, more structured approach- meetings organised on a reoccurring basis. Unsure of frequency.
    • Update: Email formulated and sent to staff-where staff can book a time to meet with someone to discuss any matters. People could self-select the time and who they want to meet with. Option to meet in pairs/groups and many levels of management ID as possible options.
  5. Safe work practices: Tiffany advised different sites have different setups, some have had a greater focus on this.
    • Update: Still under investigation, on hold due to the COVID Constructions restrictions. Manual handling videos have been rolled out and spikey balls purchased.
  6. Food handling: Difficult as individual circumstances may differ, agreed there should be an overarching policy explaining all possible processes.
    • Update: Not yet actioned.

We will continue to work with Kingston management to resolve these matters.

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For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Lorraine Di Pietrantonio | 0400 986 745 |

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