Voting on a proposed agreement starts today and finishes this Thursday.

Your union is recommending that staff VOTE NO for three main reasons (among many like staff in the Arts & Culture Department getting ripped-off).

VOTE NO for these reasons: 

ALWAYS BEHIND THE EIGHT-BALL: the so-called ‘improvements’ to conditions of employment only apply to small numbers of employees and do not achieve anything close to parity with other councils. For example, pre-natal leave only applies to pregnant employees after you have exhausted your sick leave entitlements and salary maintenance only applies to employees after you have been made redundant, then redeployed and the new position is at a lower classification. These are hardly mind-blowing or leading-edge conditions of employment and still leave the City of Kingston ‘chasing the tail’ of neighbouring councils. 

CAPACITY TO PAY: the City of Kingston have ‘Total Financial Assets’ (i.e. money) of more than $136 MILLION as per the City of Kingston Annual Report 2018/2019. We asked for a weekly increase of 2.5% or $40 (whichever is greater) and despite the rivers of money management have rejected this month after month. In simple terms, they have the money, but they don’t want you to have it in your pay packet. 

THE RATE-CAP FAIRYTALE: if Council thinks there is a link between the ‘rate cap’ and wage increases then why is it that when rates increased by 4% or 5% or 6% in years gone by why didn’t staff also get a 4% or 5% or 6% wage increase? This clearly shows the flawed logic that is flying around local government and is a simple case of an ‘oh so convenient’ argument that suits council at the moment but wouldn’t suit council if rate capping didn’t exist. 

The ASU is recommending that ALL STAFF VOTE NO when the ballot opens TODAY. This is the only path to get a better deal as voting Yes will not improve anything!

MORE INFO: please contact ASU Delegates Iurgu Urrutia (Library Department) Alcina Barrett-Kilby (Library Department) Suzanne Hauff (1230 Nepean Highway) Sally Difford (1230 Nepean Highway) Colleen Gordon (AccessCare) Pam Cameron (AccessCare) Kate Marshall (Children’s Services) or call the ASU Member Contact Centre 1300 855 570.

Stronger Together: encourage your workmates and colleagues to join the ASU. If you are not a member It’s easy to join the ASU online.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser David Nunns | 
0418 856 495 |    

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