NEGOTIATIONS ON WAGES & CONDITIONS: the existing EA will expire on 31 March, 2019 and negotiations between management and the ASU will start this month. Please note that the next wage increase is due in July this year and will be subject to negotiations.

ASU DELEGATES: the ASU calls for nominations from the membership to be an ‘ASU Delegate’ (especially in those areas without ASU representation) and to actively participate in the negotiations. If you wish to nominate to be an ASU Delegate please call the ASU Member Contact Centre on 1300 855 570 and register your interest ASAP.

LOG OF CLAIMS (4th Draft): the ASU provides a ‘4th DRAFT’ of the Log of Claims which can be found here and a document that explains the proposed methodology for the wage claim (i.e. a flat-rate increase) which can be found here. These documents had been the result of ASU Delegates meetings and various union meetings held across a number of sites and locations in the last couple of months.

Please note that ASU Delegates at the negotiation table (exclusive of extra delegates as per the above call for nominations) are as follows:

  • Sally Difford (1230 Nepean Highway)
  • Suzanne Hauff (1230 Nepean Highway)
  • Colleen Gordon (Direct Care Worker – Brindisi Avenue)
  • Pam Gordon (Direct Care Worker – Brindisi Avenue)
  • Toula Kosatbouikis (Braeside Depot – Industrial Drive)

Please feel free to contact the ASU Delegates during normal working hours to discuss the above matters.

Feel free to distribute this newsletter on noticeboards, pigeon holes, lunch rooms, etc and encourage other members to get involved in the EA process.

For further information please contact one of your local ASU Delegates or
ASU Organiser David Nunns | 0418 856 495 |

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