Despite management at the City of Kingston again rejecting the ASU’s proposal for an End of Band Payment, we are continuing to push for this important recognition for longstanding employees.

Currently, staff with years of experience cannot progress to a higher band and receive a pay increase based on another year of service.

This is an issue for half of the permanent staff at the City of Kingston

Our proposal is simple:

End of Band Payments will be introduced and employees will be entitled to $250.00 on their anniversary date once the employee has completed their career progression through the respective classification/band. In the alternative, employees will receive an extra day of Annual Leave Per Completed Year of Service at the End of Band up to a maximum of five (5) days. This is additional to the existing Annual Leave entitlements.

The Facts
At the City of Kingston there is an estimated 520 employees currently sitting at the top of their classification level out of a total of 932 eligible employees (excluding casuals, fixed-term  employees)

This is more than 50% of staff!

It is high-time the City of Kingston followed the lead of other local councils and implemented an End of Band Payment to recognise long serving employees.

One council that has now properly recognises its most experienced employees is the Wyndham City Council that agreed to a ‘Service Recognition Payment’ in negotiations four years ago.

We have been attempting to raise the minimum standards at the City of Kingston in these negotiations. Management have so far rejected our attempts.

There is a clear difference in wages and conditions that exist between the City of Kingston and other councils. And, with local ASU delegates at Kingston, we are working to improve conditions at Kingston.

It is important that everyone working at Kingston is aware of management’s rejection of our sensible proposal for an End of Band Payment, so please distribute this update among your workmates.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser David Nunns | 0418 856 495 |

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