The ASU has fielded concerns regarding the advertising of vacancies at council.  The concerns relate to positions not always being advertised resulting in staff not having the opportunity to apply for them included newly created permanent positions, backfill or acting up opportunities.

We want there to be a fair and equitable approach, so all employees and members have an opportunity to progress, learn new skills or take a different path!

Is this a concern within your department? If so, we seek some further recent examples of this to illustrate the problem and work towards ensuring that proper processes are adhered to moving forward. Please fill out the quick survey below, your answers will be confidential.


This matter was recently raised through the Staff Consultative Committee (SCC) meeting and further discussions will continue next year when the committee regroup.

Council has committed to improving the representation on the SCC so that all teams are represented.  Start thinking if this is something you would like to be involved with and be ready to nominate in 2021!

As the SCC works to ensure the Enterprise Agreement conditions are followed, it is important that we have union members actively involved to get matters addressed in a pro-active and constructive way!

The ASU will also be committing to provide updates immediately following the 6 weekly meetings, listing items that have been raised and how they have been addressed.

Wishing you a happy and safe holiday season!

Lorraine Di Pietrantonio

If you have some examples of vacancies not advertised please email this directly to your organiser Lorraine on .

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