The General Manager has advised that he will put Council’s offer to another vote shortly.

The ASU strongly urges you to VOTE NO to this latest sub-par offer!

This offer is for a 2-year agreement and consists of a 2.8% wage increase for 2021 (already paid) and a 4% wage increase this year. Council has refused to increase your superannuation and therefore you now only receive 2% above the Superannuation Guarantee. Your entitlement is slowly being eroded. As forecast Hobart’s CPI has increased and is now 6.5%.

Do you want to have to return to bargaining in early 2023? There is no commitment from Council that there will be any movement towards a pay rise in line with the cost of living next year.

We have asked for a 3-year agreement to allow you some breathing space before heading back to negotiations.

Protected industrial action is continuing in an attempt to get Council to listen to its employees. We have notified Council this week of further bans which will begin on Friday 29 July 2022. In addition to the actions you have already commenced which included wearing and displaying campaign materials, from Friday you can now undertake the following:

  • On Tuesdays – a ban on answering any telephone, mobile phone, email and/or UHF/base radio enquiries, and instead diverting or forwarding external phone calls and emails to members of the management team.
  • On Thursdays – a ban on the refuelling of vehicles, trucks, plants and/or machinery.
  • A ban on the taking of breaks in locations other than selected crib rooms and/or worksites. The specified crib rooms are at Kingston Depot and Bruny Island Depot.
  • A ban on attending meetings and briefings whether they be in person or via video or phone conference. Safety meetings excluded (members to attend toolbox meetings).
  • A ban on attendance and/or participation in training and/or skills development.

We will be in touch shortly to discuss further actions and the next steps.

Remember it’s not too late for your colleagues to join with you in protected industrial action, they just need to join ASU here:

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Karen Tantari | 0472 512 484 |

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